NewGen Leisure understands the complex business of operating casinos in the UK. From product development, approvals  and acquisition through to the project management of a new casino opening. 

Whether located in city or town ccntres or in a cosatal location, NewGen Leisure are able to provide expertise to operators in the selection and viablitity of sites, the evaluation of current businesses and operational evaluations

Off-line Bingo is having a mini-resurgence of popularity. But it needs to see a change in the methods is uses for product delivery otherwise the resurgence will be short lived. The days of paper tickets are inevitably numbered with the continual evolution of digital technologies and an evermore connected world driving change in every other sector and industry. 

Newer Bingo venues are showing signs of cosmetic change, but customers are demanding more from the Industry and its operators in terms of the bingo experience which includes the customer proposition and subsequent engagement.

Bingo has to change and the sooner operators can start to move towards that change the better the future will be for the Bingo Industry. NewGen Leisure understands the issues at stake here and the compexities that have prevented the chnage from happening to date and are therefore in a position to help and support operators through the process.

Gambling or gaming machines are a cross-sector product being operated in all five of the UK's gambling sectors. In addition to this they are also operated in pubs and clubs in the UK, who currently sit outside of Gambling Regulation and Legislation.

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